Software development services


As a unit specializing in consulting, providing and deploying total solutions for technology, we love creativity and always listen to customer requests to provide the most appropriate and feasible solution.
With a team of experienced consultants, enthusiastic technical personnel, Ponobos is committed to provide feasible, useful solutions with reasonable costs but still ensuring the best quality.
At Ponobos, we are in charge of managing, innovating and initiating video decoding on GPUs, which are currently used mainly in AI matters, surveillance camera products, and outsourcing. soft. Moreover, we also promote the development of an integrated security management system and applications to optimize customer needs. To meet the personnel requirements of development projects, we have established Ponobos Vietnam.


Speak plain language

We speak plainly with you. We tell you honestly how long it takes, how much it costs, and where the risks are. We clearly show what we need from you as input or prerequisites to do our job.

Think from the end

We think from the end. We ask, what is the goal? What do you want to achieve with your solution? What is needed for it? Because our motto: Only those who know the destination can find their path.

Realistically Plan

We define a plan, meaningful intermediate goals that may already be independently, and the resources needed to reach the goal. We always build feasible and practical projects to bring the highest value in the implementation projects.

Knowledgeable People

It takes human resources to have innovative ideas and products, at Ponobos, we always puts the human element first in our management policies. We have years of experience in selecting the right people for demanding projects, we have built young, talented, enthusiastic and creative staffs. All for a common goal for the sustainable development of the company.


With the advantage of technology and resources, we offer you a team of at least four developers who will develop a complete microservices, application or infrastructure. We are always looking forward to receiving your feedback and we can work towards optimal solutions and bring the highest efficiency in collaborative projects.

  • Business Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobile Applications

Our strength is the development of full-stack or business applications. We prefer microservices, which we roll out in containerized high-availability clusters (for example, Docker / Kubernetes). In the Cloud (AWS, Google) or on premise. We provide the user interfaces in the browser. We either follow their style guide, or provide it at the same time.
Our experience with business applications.

Our experience with business applications.

You want to develop, test and run your applications completely in the cloud? For example, to pay only what you really need to increase your computing capacity in the short term, and to access it at the highest bandwidth worldwide? Or do you also want to relocate your production systems? If you’re considering AWS or Google Cloud, we can assist you.

Our experience with infrastructure

We help to implement Mobile Only or Mobile First. You can choose between native (iOS / Android) and browser applications. With or without server.

We pay close attention to high usability, as well as the clean implementation of technical requirements such as E2E encryption, video streaming or AI analysis.

Our experience with mobile applications


Here is an overview on implemented projects

  • Business Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobile Applications

Incident Management

Collaborative Software to resolve Incidents, collect and secure evidence, to evaluate in a court proof manner.

Video Stream Server

Secure video transmission to thin clients (browser, mobile devices).

Traffic Enforcement

Detection, evaluation and prosecution of traffic contraventions.


Security management software for buildings and infrastructure, integrating IoT.

Amazon Web Services

Account and identity management, migration of web and application servers, using services like EC2, S3, Lambda.

Google Cloud Computing

Account and identity management, using TPUs for training and operation of neuronal networks.


Build, deploy, run microservices in Docker / Kubernetes, mainly the above mentioned business applications. Set up of automated pipelines und infrastructure (repositories, distributed file systems, etc.)

Evidence App

Collecting and transferring evidence in a secure way using mobile devices.

Mobile Video Streaming

Receiving and displaying video streams with mobile devices.

Alarm App

Receiving alarms from secured infrastructure with end to end (E2E) encryption.